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Connecting to God. Connecting to Others.

Here at Evangel, we love church, and we want you to love church too. Our vision is to create a place where you can connect to God and connect to others. We hope you leave Sunday feeling excited, uplifted, and ready to come back. 

-Pastor Mike


3975 Vaughn Rd

Montgomery, AL 36016

Sunday 10:30 AM

Willis Bradford Branch YMCA
972 McQueen Smith Rd S

Sunday 10 AM

Sunday 10:30 AM

What to expect

We strive to make sure you feel comfortable joining us at Evangel. When you arrive, you can expect to hear a few "good mornings" from our friendly Serve Team, and find safe, clean place to sit that is Covid-19 friendly. Our worship team will open with some modern, upbeat songs about God, followed by a teaching from our lead pastor. Our services are designed that no matter who you are, or where you come from, you can feel welcomed and encouraged. We will not call on you nor make you feel pressured. We simply want you to experience God.


  • What time should I arrive?

You should arrive early enough to give yourself time to find a seat!
Right now, we are asking families stay together so we can keep our little ones safe from the virus.

  • What should I wear?

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. You’ll see everything from t-shirts to dress shirts.  Whatever you wear, we’re happy you are here!

  • Which worship experience should I attend?

Our Montgomery Campus has been a part of the area for over 75 years. It's our larger service, full of energy and excitement. Our Prattville campus is just getting started, but we promise, the worship is exciting and the preaching is great. Either location will offer a time that will challenge you to connect deeper with God.

  • What if I have kids?

For all of our kids safety, we are currently asking families to sit together and stay socially distanced. We also offer our weekly online kid's service that are always a blast for our little ones.

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