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Family Birthday Celebration

A Baptism Class

If you put your trust in Jesus Christ and believe in Him as the One who forgives your sins and makes it possible for you to know God, we are so proud of you! There is no greater single decision that you could make.


We believe that baptism is an important next step for you. Baptism is your way of telling your friends and family, “Hey, I’m a follower of Jesus!”

Our baptism class take place at an event we call Family Birthday Celebration. We named it that because it’s a time for us to literally celebrate you entering into God’s family. It’s a party, and your baptism is the main event!


If you’re interested in participating in Family Baptism Celebration, please click the interested button below



Thanks so much!

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What you need to know

The celebration is the week before the Sunday of Baptisms at 5pm in Kidtricity at our Montgomery Campus.  

Our next celebration will be October 22 and baptisms will be held on October 29 after each service in Montgomery or if Prattville is your home campus, during Encounter Night at 5pm.

Your child will also have the opportunity to make a Baptism Video to tell people about their decision to follow Christ.  You can download the worksheet to prepare here. We will contact you about dates and times that work best to make the video.

Baptism Explained


  • Who is eligible?

Any person who has accepted Christ for the first time and is ready to tell the world through Baptism

  • What kind of baptism do you do?

We believe in full immersion baptism. We have a tank of warm water and you will go completely under water and back up.

  • What do I need to bring?

While we do provide baptism clothes, towels, and a bag to keep your wet clothes in, we encourage kids to bring their own dark t-shirt and shorts to be baptized in for comfort.

  • Do I need to come to the Family Birthday Celebration to be baptized?

No.  However if you'd like a baptism video made and know exactly what's happening during baptism, we encourage you to attend.

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